astro is a simple space shooter inspired by oldie Atari Asteroids console video game.

The game was created in Superpowers HTML5 2D+3D game maker with Superpowers Asset Packs.

It is recommended to use fullscreen mode.

Have fun!

How to play

  • You control a ship which flies in space.
  • Avoid asteroids, enemy shots and enemies themselves which cause destruction of your ship.
  • Shooting asteroids, enemy ships, bombs, etc. gives you points.
  • Shooting decreases your energy which, in turn, slows down further shooting and ship moving.
  • Pick up the "E" bonus to charge ship energy.
  • Pick up the "S" bonus to activate shield of the ship for 10 seconds. The shield protects the ship from destruction.
  • Pick up "life" (small ship) bonus giving you extra life.
  • Pick up "ship upgrade" (ship of another shape) bonus which makes energy of your ship more durable.


  • Arrows / WASD - moving and rotation
  • Z / Shift - shooting
  • Space - pause/unpause
  • F4 / T - game settings
  • Enter - return from settings to game
  • M - switching music on/off
  • Mouse move - ship's rotation follows the mouse pointer
  • LMB - shooting
  • RMB - moves ship towards the mouse pointer (it stops in a short distance from it)
DualShock 4 gamepad (Windows button mapping):
  • Left / right analox X axis - rotate left/right
  • DPAD up / triangle button- move forward
  • DPAD down / cross button - move backward
  • L2 / R2 - shooting

Note:  I prefer mouse because it provides the most responsive control and the most precise shooting.


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